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The MaleRoom : Sport

Welcome all! Over at The Male Room Craft Challenge this month we have the theme of ‘Sport’. I have created a golf themed pop up card. Hope you like it

Please do head over to The Male Room blog where you will see lots more amazing inspiration and you can join in the fun challenge! (Don’t forget to add our challenge graphic to your blog post and a link back to the challenge to be eligible for votes).

The whale and the bird Pop up card

Hi friends, I’m back with an another pop up card. But this time it’s based on a poem. The whale and the bird. The theme at the male room craft challenge this month is Animals. So I thought this one is perfect for it.

Once there was a bird who fell in love with a whale. And a whale who fell in love with a bird.

The bird loved the whale’s beautiful smile. He loved the way she swam through the water so gracefully.

The whale loved the bird’s handsome white feathers. She loved to watch him soar through the sky.

And they both loved to eat lots of tiny fish.

All summer, the bird and the whale met in the bay. They talked and talked.
They talked about the moon, and the tides, and the ships in the ocean.
The bird told jokes and made the whale laugh. The whale sang beautiful songs that made the bird cry (even though he didn’t know why).

“One day, you could meet my family in the ocean,” said the whale.
“And you could meet my friends on the land,” said the bird.

Everything was perfect.

But the world does not stop turning just because a bird and whale fall in love. Summer turned into autumn, and autumn turned into winter. The ocean turned cold, and all the other whales left for warmer waters.

“Come with me to warmer waters,” said the whale. “It’s a wonderful place. It’s always warm, and there are so many fish to eat.”

“I love to eat fish,” said the bird. “And I love you. I will follow you anywhere. But first, teach me to be a whale?”

“Like this!” said the whale, “follow me!”, and she dived deep into the water.
“OK!” said the bird, and he also dived deep into the water.
Deeper and deeper he went. “I’m swimming!” he laughed. “I’m a whale!” But soon he couldn’t breathe. He returned to the surface, gasping.

He tried and tried and tried again, but he ran out of breath every time.

“I don’t think a bird can become a whale,” said the bird. “Come with me instead. I live up on the cliffs. It is a wonderful place. It’s warm and cosy, and every morning you can watch the sun rise.”

“I love to watch the sun rise,” said the whale. “And I love you. I will follow you anywhere. But first, teach me to be a bird?”

“Like this!” said the bird. “Follow me!”, and he flapped his wings and soared into the sky.

“OK!” said the whale. She squeezed her eyes shut and flapped her fins, just like the bird. She flapped and flapped, up and down. Water splashed everywhere. “I’m flying!” she laughed. “I’m a bird!”

But when she opened her eyes, she wasn’t soaring in the sky. She was still in the water.

She tried and tried and tried again, but she could not fly.

“I don’t think a whale can become a bird,” said the whale.

“But if you can’t fly, and I can’t swim, where can we live together?” said the bird.

“We will stay here — in the waves!” said the whale.

But the bird shook his head sadly.
“You love to swim deep in the ocean,” he said. That is your favourite thing to do. You would never be happy here.”

The whale sighed.
“And you love to fly and soar into the sky,” she said. “That is your favourite thing to do. You would never be happy here either.”

And so, because the bird and whale loved each other so much, they said goodbye.

Have a look at the challenge blog here for all the challenge details and to see the cards from the rest of the Design Team.

Carousel Box

When you think of masculine Christmas projects tartan or plaid always jump into my head. So that’s what this month’s challenge is all about at the male room craft challenge – tartan or plaid . I thought about doing something special, and here is what I came up with. 

To start off, I cut the svg file from creative cuts in my Cricut Maker. This file was easy to cut as I did not alter the size anymore. I just had to ungroup the images to be able to cut the shapes in the color of cardstock that I wanted.  This SVG was a pop carousel box. But as I wanted to create my project with the touch of tartan or plaid, I printed down them as pattern papers and glued them over .

What better way to celebrate a special occasion than with this fun Carousel (or Merry Go Round) gift box. The base of the Carousel is a pretty box that you can fill with goodies and treats. You can even make the box by itself for a versatile gift package. The finished Carousel is approximately 8 3/4″ tall by 4 1/2″ wide.

Have a look at the challenge blog here for all the challenge details and to see the cards from the rest of the Design Team.

Truck Pop up card

The Male room craft challenge has always been a happy place for me. I used to eagerly wait for its new challenges and announcements.

As you all know, I was one among the honourable Mentions on their Challenge #137 – Landscapes

Then I was selected as the winner of the Challenge #140 – Sport

Each time I was really happy and excited to receive these mentions.

But I had no idea what was about to happen next. I got an invite from Jane, to be a design team member of my favorite challenge blog – The Male Room.I’m honored to accept this position in the team and will work hard to make the team proud!

The theme of the new challenge today on The Male Room Challenge Blog and theme for this month : Challenge#144 Toys.

So here is my first DT card for The Male Room Challenge Blog. Subhanallah!! I’m on cloud nine! All excited and thrilled.

Have a look at the challenge blog here for all the challenge details and to see the cards from the rest of the Design Team.

The toy I choose to work with this project is “truck”. Truck, jeep, aeroplane etc are one among the favorite toys, a baby boy would love playing with.

I have cut down the parts of the truck using my Cricut Maker. I have chose black cardstock paper for the truck. While the base of the card was done with white and shimmer golden cardstock. To give an added look to the card, I choose red cardstock paper for rings of the tyre.

Hope you all like it. Do share your valuable thoughts with me.

I am also entering my pop up card to AAA birthday card challenge #Game 19 – For A Child

Go check out their page and do enter the challenge.

Basketball pop up card

Here is another pop up card from @shahicreationz made exclusively for my husband. He is one of the best basketball player I have ever met in my life. “Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there. I’m really proud of you my dear ❤️”

I’m also adding this card to the maleroomcraftchallenge for the month of July. (Challenge #140 – Sport)

Lion king 3D Pop up card

Football 3D popup card

Butterfly 3D popup card

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